Marsh Scott
  "Brushstrokes and Steel", Jennifer Pappas, Laguna Beach Magazine, Feb. 2014
Laguna Beach-based artist Marsh Scott knows no boundaries when it comes to creating masterful works of art.
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Blogmy blog of my inspirations and creative process. Linkedin ProfileLinkedIn professional resource
PaintAndSculptPaintAndSculpt has surplus supplies from my studio, jewelry (great for gifts!) and small works of art.
TheEdgeOfTheOceanTheEdgeOfTheOcean contains a new fun series I am creating to celebrate my love of the ocean.
Walking almost daily on the sand I realized that I get lost in and often photograph the abstracted colors and patterns and will be playing with these in many forms.
I am adding to these new shops weekly. Please stop by and favorite me and share with your friends! I welcome your feedback.

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